a dealer gets Rs 470 more if instead of selling a table at a loss of 10% , it is sold at a gain of 10%. Find the cost price of the table.

Suppose the C.P be 'Z' then in case of loss = Z- (10% of Z)=9Z / 10,

Now, In case of Profit = Z+(10% of Z) = 11Z/10----The difference between Profit and Loss --- P- L=470 i.e. (11Z/10)-(9Z/10)=470

So we can write (2Z / 10)=470,----thus, Z=(470*10) / 2 = 2350 The C.P

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in a two digit number, the digit at the units place is double the digit in the tens place. The number exceeds the sums of its digits by 18. Find the number.
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This is another soln

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Below is the given answer

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If theSP is 470 then he gets 10%loss if he sold same table at 10%profit then the CP will get by using this formula CP=100?SP/100+profit then the CP is 47000/110 the CP is 427.27
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