A female of 30 yrs age attained puberty at the age of 13 yrs. She has three children born by normal delivery. How many polar body are formed in her body till date. (Each M.C. is of 30 days) :





The correct answer is (3). Could you please explain ? 
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The correct answer is (3)162.
Age of female is 30 years, and attained puberty at 13 years, so 17 years of the menstrual cycle. Two polar bodies are produced during oogenesis (formation of ovum) in human females, one from  primary  oocyte, and one after the fertilization of  secondary  oocyte by sperm.

So total polar bodies will be: 17 x 12 = 204
3 pregnancy means 9 x 3 =27 months of no menstrual cycle + 6 months after each pregnancy, there will be no menstrual cycle, i.e all total 27 + 6 x 3 = 45 months of no menstrual cycle, so no polar bodies.

Again, there is 3 pregnancy, so 3 more polar bodies will form.

So the total polar bodies will be= 204-45+3 = 162
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she has had 17 years of menstrual cycle so 17*12 = 204 (as one polar body produced in every menstrual cycle )
she has had 3 pregnancies so 9 months + 6 months after pregnancy of no menstrual cycle..thus no polar body formed
so 204-45=159. Now in the 3 pregnancies the second polar body is also released after meiosis 2 is completed during fertilisation. so 159 + 3 = 162. There is ur answer !

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