A gas speciman in one vessel is expended isothermally to double its volume and a similar in
second vessel is expanded adiabatically the sarne extent, then :
(1) In the second vessel, both pressure and work done are more
(2) In the second vessel, pressure in more, but the work done is less.
(3) In the first vessel, both pressure & work done are more.
(4) In the first vessel, pressure is more, but work done is less

Dear studenIn adiabatic process Q=0, so work done is dependent on internal energy given by,dW=-dU=μR(γ-1)T1-T2for isothermal process work done is given by,W=nRTlnV2V1

So from the above graph, it is clear that the work done in the adiabatic expansion is less than work done in the isothermal process.
Also, the pressure in the adiabatic expansion is lower than that of isothermal expansion.

So option (3) is correct.

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pls explain in detail ..dear experts
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