A grass ground measures 7 m by 7 m . On two opposite corners two giats are tethered with a rope of length 7 m . Find the common area grazedby both the goates

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Side of grass ground=7 m So area of Ground=side2=72                                  =49 m2Area covered by the 1st goats whose rope of length is 7 m =14πr2Area covered by the 2nd goats whose rope of length is 7 m =14πr2Area covered by both goats whose rope of length is 7 m =14πr2+14πr2                                                                                                    =12πr2                                                                                                    =12×227×72                                                                                                    =11×7                                                                                                    =77m2Now the common grazed area is =Area covered by both goats-Area of ground                                                           =77-49                                                           =28m2 Answer       
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