A hammer of mass 1kg falls freely from a height of 2 m .Calculate (I) The velocity and (II) The KE. Of the hammer just before it touches the ground. Does the velocity of hammer depend on the mass of hammer?

m = 1 kgh = 2 mPotential energy at height h is = mghWe know total energy remains constant therefore when hammer reaches to the ground this potential enegy will convert into kinetic energy.PE = KEmgh =KE = 1×10×2 = 20 Jv is the velocity of the hammerKE = 12mv220 = 12×1×v2v2 = 40v = 6.32 m/s

No velocity of hammer does not depend on the mass of the mass of the hammer.
v = u + at
this equation does not contain any mass.

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