A hotel in Greenland is fully made of ice. The outside temperature is -35°C and the inside temperature is -10°C. what is the difference between the inside and outside temperature? Please answer with explanation.

Outside temperature = -35°CInside temperature =-10°CDifference between inside and outside temperature = Inside temperature - Outside temperature                                                                                              =-10--35=-10+35 = 25°C ANS...

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outside temperature is -35
inside temperature is -10
difference = -35-(-10)
= -25 degree C
Ice is good insulator of heat. house form ice is called IGLOO. It is warmer because
1. Ice is naturally and easily available in Greenland
2. Size of house is just enough for the persons they live
3. No window only one entrance
4, It's entrance made lower level than surface and long tube like. so no wind enter, heat can not easily escape from it. 
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