a) how can multiple echoes of a single sound be produced? explain
b) define echo?? list its applications

pls pls give me a detailed answer it is a five mark question

a. multiple echoes of a single sound can be produced by the process of reverberation. when a sound reflects multiple times from objects, multiple echoes can be heard.

b. Echo is repetition of original sound heard after the sound is bounced back from a distant, dense and rigid object. The phenomenon of echo is used in megaphones. megaphones are used in small gatherings, or meetings, to project their voice loudly through out the audience. one end of it is narrow, and another end is wide. A person speaks from the narrow end. the tube disables the spreading out of sound in all direction, sound reflects within the tube towards the wider end. this enables people over long distance to hear sound.

it is also used in stethoscope. when stethoscope is put near the body part to be examined, the diaphragm vibrates, and it sends out vibration through out the wire. the vibration is then captured by the earphones.

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