a hunter has a machine gun that can fire 50 g bullets with a velocity of 150 m/s . a 60 kg tiger springs at him with a velocity of 10 m/s . how many bullets must the hunter fire per second into the tiger in order to stop him in his track

Mass of a bullet, m = 50 g = 0.05 kg

Velocity of a bullet, v = 150 m/s

So, momentum of each bullet, p = mv = 7.5 Ns

Mass of the tiger, M = 60 kg

Velocity of the tiger, V = 10 m/s

Momentum of the tiger, P = MV = 600 Ns

To stop the tiger, let n bullet be fired such that momentum of the n bullets combined is equal to the momentum of the tiger.

np = P

=> n(7.5) = 600

=> n = 80

So, 80 bullets are to be fired to stop the tiger.

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