(a) In a tug of war, one team (team A) wins and the other team (team B) loses. Which of these two teams does positive and negative work?

(b) What is the work done in case of a satellite moving around the earth?

(a) The positive work is done by team A because the displacement is in the direction of force applied and the negative work is done by team b because displacement is in the opposite direction of force.

(b)  No work is done in the case of satellite as the angle between the displacement and the force is right angle which results in no work. satellite is moving in the circular path and the force of gravity is pulling it downwards.

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ans a) in this case team A is doing positive work as the force applied by team a is in the direction of displacement. Similarly, team b is doing -ve work because theis force is acting opposite to the direction of displacement.

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