A LENDING LIBRARY HAS A fixed charge for the first three days and an additional charge for each day there after.arushi paid 27 for a book kept for 7 days. if fixed charges are x and additional charges are y write the linear equation representing the given information and plot the graph for the same.

Cost for 3 days = x
Cost for additional 4 days = 4y
We are given, cost of 7 days = 27
x+4y= 27

Now, for 
x=0 , y=6.75
x=1, y=6.5
x=2, y=6.25
x=3, y=6

Plot between x and y -

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let fixed charges ='x'

let additional charges ='y'

since aweek has 7 days and there id a fixed charge for 3 days therefore the days left =4 and the cost of additional charge=y,&the money paid by her =27

therefore x+4y=27

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