a letter to your grandpa about how you miss hi in the hostal

Room number 23,

Kalinga Hostel,



21 June 20xx


Dear Grandpa,


Hope you are keeping well and have recovered from the bout of viral fever you suffered from last week.


Life in the hostel is busy and hectic. There is a lot of study to do in the professional course. Hours are spent in the library pouring over thick volumes of reference books. I miss your loving presence every minute- your guidance and help in my study, your constant encouragement, your fussing over me while I ate and your invaluable advice. You are the reason I have been able to get admission in such a prestigious college. You may be far, but your wise words still guide me in all I do. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting you in the October holidays.


Give my regards to Grandma and tell her the laddoos she sent are delicious!


Yours lovingly,


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