A man falls on a cemented floor and a man falls on a heap of sand who will get more hurt & why?


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When a man falls on a hard cemented floor his momentum reduced to zero in a very short time and hurt the man. Whereas when a man falls on a heap of sand. As sand can compress, it takes longer time for the man to hit the ground (or hard surface). Due to longer time, it reduces the man’s momentum gently and hence the man either will not get hurt or may get less injury.

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SO EASY $ A man falling on a cemented floor will get more hurt because the floor is 2 hard & when the person falls on it the floor does'nt compresses so the force acting on our body becomes 2 high & v get injured , whereas the man falling on a sand does not get much injured because while falling , sand gets compressed &the force acting on a body is very low.

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 thats not true ...here momentum matters not force

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 in both the case the change in momentum is same when a person falls on cemented floor his momentum is reduced to 0 in a short time as compared to that when falling on sand floor. due to this the average force exerted by cement floor is large resulting in more hurt.

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