a man stands in between two high raised building & blows a whistle.He hears two successive echos after 0.4s & 1.6s.Calculate the distance between the building.speed of sound is 332m/s.


Speed of sound, v = 332m/s.

Suppose he is standing x1 distance away from the first and x2 distance away from the second building and (x1<x2). He hears two successive echos after 0.4s & 1.6s,  

Which means to cover double the distance ie 2x1 he takes 0.4 sec Then x1 = (0.2) v  metres

To cover double the distance from the second building ie 2x2 he takes 1.6 sec Then  x2 = (0.8) v  metres 

Hence, net distance between the both building,  x = x1+x2

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