a milk of 80% conc. is diluted at home by the seller by adding some water to it so that milk conc. is reduced btw 65% to 70% . if 640 l of milk of 80% conc. is available how much water has been added??

the amount of milk in 640 lt of milk of con 80% is 640*80100=512 lt
the amount of water in 640 lt of milk of 80% con is 640 - 512 = 128 lt.

let the x lt of water has been added,
therefore the concentration of milk in new mixture is ‚Äč512640+x*100

let the milk concentration in new mixture is 65+702=67.5 %
512640+x*100=67.551200=67.5*(640+x)67.5x+67.5*640=5120067.5 x + 43200=5120067.5 x =51200-4320067.5 x=8000x=800067.5=118.52 lt

hope this helps you

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