A mixture is prepared by mixing two liquids A and B. Which property will be used to seperate them by the process of distillation?

Distillation can be used only when the two liquids are miscible. Two miscible liquids can be separated on the basis of difference in their boiling point.The two liquids must boil without decomposition and must have different boiling points.This method is called distillation.The solution is boiled and the liquid which has a lower boiling point evaporates. Its vapours are collected and condensed in another container . The liquid with higher boiling point still remains in the liquid form . Thus two liquids are separated.

However if the two liquids are not miscible then we can use separating funnel.Two immiscible liquids can be separated on the basis of density difference.The heavier liquid form the lower layer and the lighter one forms the upper layer. By using a separating funnel, we can separate the two liquids.The lower layer of liquid is filtered through the funnel and the upper layer of liquid remains there.

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