A motor can pump up water to fill a tank of volume 500m^3 in 25 minutes , which is placed at a height of 20m. If efficiency of the motor is 40%, calculate the power of the motor.

From the given information we can easily calculate the work done by the pump in 25 minutes
                                                                        W= mgh 
m is the mass of the water pumped by the motor = volume x density
                                                                         = 500 x 1= 500 kg
                                                  W= 500 x 10 x 20    ( g = 10 m/s2
                                                                      = 100000 joule

Power of the pump Wt=10000025×60=66.7 watt

As the efficiency of the motor is 40% this means that the motor will convert only
                                                                                                                     40100th part of of the total energy E66.7=40100×EE=6674=166.75 J


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