"A nylon thread is stronger than a steel wire" Justify.


Nylon is a synthetic fibre and has some special chemical properties because of which their fibres are strong. There is amide linkage between the monomers of nylon which make their strings extremely strong. thus nylon net supports heavy weight of fishes.

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a nylon threadis stronger than a steel wire as it is used to make mountain ropes on which much pressure is exerted while climbing mountains.

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a nylon threan is stronger than a steel wire to support my answer i give the following examples:

as nylon threads are used to make  parachutes and ropes for  rock climbing.

A nylon fibre was strong, elastic and light. it was lustrous and easy to wash that is why it became very popular for making clothes not only clothes and for other product.

this says us that A nylon thread  is stronger than a steel wire.

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