a person had a number of toys to distribute among children . at first he gave 2 toys to each child , then 4 , then 5 ,and then 6 , but was always left with one . but if he had given 7 toys to each child , no toys would have been left with him . what is the smallest number of toys that he had?

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Language of question is incomplete. It should mention that some children arenot getting any toys.L.C.M. of 2,4,5,6=60Now we want least multiple of 60 such that multiple of 60+1 is a multiple ofMultiples of 60 are60,120,180,240,300,360,....61, 121, 181, 241 are not the multiple of 7 but 301 is 3017=43Hence smallest number of toys he had is 301.

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