A person has a hearing range from 20Hz to 20KHz. what are the typical wavelength of sound waves in air corresponding to these two frequencies?(Speed of sound =344m/s)?

speed of sound= wavelenth * frequency

when frequency is 20Hz


then wavelength=344/20=17.2m


when frequency is 20KHz

then wavelength= 344/20000    (20KHz = 20000Hz)


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you know that                                                        

v=f*lambda                                                                                               in case of 20Khz 

v/f=lambda                                                                                                   344/20000=wavelength  in case of 20KHz

344/20= wavelength for 20Hz                                                                           .0172m= wavelenght in case of 20Khz

17.2m=wavelength in 20Hz



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