A police constable is chasing a thief who is initially 10m ahead of the constable.The uniform speeds of the constable and the thief are 10m/s and 8 m/s respectively.From the plot of the position time graph for the constable and the thief ,find the time the constable will take to catch the thief and the distance the constable has to run.

Speed of constable, u = 10 m/s

Speed of thief, v = 8 m/s

Initial distance between thief and constable = 10 m.

So, the constable has to cover 10 m more to catch the thief.

Hence, ut = vt + 10

=> 10t = 8t + 10

=> t = 5 s

In this time, the distance travelled by the constable is = (10)(5) = 50 m

The constable catches the thief in 5 seconds after covering 50 meter.

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