A rectangular coil of wire has dimesions 0.2m X0.1m .The coil has 2000turns ,the coil rotates in a magnetic field about an axis perpendicular to the magnetic field of 0.02Wb/m^2 .
The speed of the coil is 4200rpm
1. Maximum value of EMF induced
2. The instantaneous EMF when the plane of the coil has rotated 30? from the initial

We know E=BANωsinθAs the coil is perpendicular θ=90 and sin90=1E0=BANω(Maximum value )=0.02×0.2×0.1×2000×2π×420060=351.68VWhen rotated through an angle E=E0sinθCoil rotated through 30° from the initial so angle will now beθ=(90°-30°)=60°=351.68×sin60=351.68×0.3 =105.5V


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