a stone is dropped from the top of a tower 500m high into a pond of water at the base of the tower . when is the splash heard ? g = 10m/s2 and speed of sound = 340m/s

The height of the tower (h) = 500 m

Let t be the time taken by the stone to reach the water surface.

As you know, for a free fall, h = ut + 0.5gt2

Here, initial velocity is zero as the ball is just dropped. 

So, 500 = 0.5× 10× t2 

Therefore, t = 10 seconds.

The speed of sound = 340 m/s

So, the time taken for the sound to travel 500m upwards = 500/340 = 1.47 seconds.

The total time taken to hear the splash sound after dropping the stone = 10 + 1.47 = 11.47 seconds.

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