A stone lying on a ground is raised to a height h
a) Which energy does it acquire?
b) What is the magnitude of this energy, if mass of stone is m?
​c) If this stone is allowed to fall freely, which energy is gained at every point during the fall?
d) How does law of conservation of energy hold well in this energy?
e) At what point of motion kinetic energy is maximum?
f) In what other forms does the energy of the stone convert on striking the ground?

Dear Student ,
a) Potential energy ,
b) mgh ,
c) Kinetic energy ,
d) The law of conservation of energy holds as the body falls its potential energy is converted in to kinetic energy in every point during free fall .So the total energy remains constant .
e) At the ground where the stone will strike is the potential energy zero and kinetic energy maximum .
f)Sound energy , heat energy .


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a) mgh 
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