A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This is what John Keats says in the poem . Do you think in the presence tims of acute time and violence proximity to beautiful thing can lead man to ever lasting happiness??discuss

  1. A thing of beauty gives us permanent happiness. When we look at objects of beauty, we feel happy, and the lasting impression that such objects leave on our mind continues to give us pleasure even when they are no longer in our sight.

           In the present times of acute stress and violence, the objects of beauty attain even greater significance. When our mind is anxious and troubled, the very sight of beautiful things      
           often comes as a relief and provides us comfort and happiness for the moment. Appreciating beautiful things is like appreciating God, who has bestowed them upon mankind as a
           gift so that we can derive happiness and solace from them. Proximity to beautiful things brings us closer to the creator, in whom lies the ultimate power to grant us relief from all
          anxieties and troubles. Therefore, it is sure to bring everlasting happiness at all times.

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