A wedge of mass 2m and a cube of mass m are shown in figure. Between cube and wedge, there is no friction. The minimum coefficient of friction between wedge and ground so that wedge does not move is: a.0.20 b.0.25 c.0.10 d.0.50

Net Horizontal force on the wedge is 

F = mgcos​​​(45)sin(45) = mg/2

now normal reaction from ground 
that is N = 2mg+mg(cos45)^2 = 2mg+mg/2 = 5mg/2. 

now equate   UN=F   Here, U is coefficent of friction

And U comes out to be 0.2
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not a good answer
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Aman tripathi was right but his answer was not clear, here is the correct way to do it

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Explain why is it mgsin(theta)cos(theta)
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how is mgcos(theta)sin(theta)
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I hope this solution helps u guys

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