ABCD is a trapezium with AB parallel to CD. AB=18cm, DC=32cm and distance between AB and DC=14cm. If arcs of equal radii 7cm with centres A,B,C and D have been drawn, then find the remaining area i.e. area exuding the circular region

Given: In trapezium ABCD


AB = 18 cm, DC = 32 cm

and distance between AB and DC = 14 cm



Now circles are drawn of radii 7 cm from A, B, C, D.


We know that sum of all angles of a trapezium = 360°

⇒area circle inside trapezium with centre ABCD = area of circle with 7 cm = π × (7 cm)2 


Hence remaining area = 350 cm2 – 154 cm2 

= 196 cm2 

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