Acidic solutions conduct electricity and basic solutions do not conduct. Why? Then why is it given in the ncert textbook on pg. no.33 in the section "what you have learnt " that acidic and basic solutions in water conduct electricity. But as per activity 2.8 , it is given that acidic solutions conduct electricity but basic solutions do not . Which one is true and why? I am confused . Pls do help me out.

Both acidic and basic solutions in water conduct electricity. Acids, when dissolved in water release the H+ and bases when dissolved in water release the OH- ions. These ions are charged species and so act as charge carriers. In other words the conductivity of these solutions is due to the movement of these ions. 

As per the activity 2.8, solutions of 4 different substances have been prepared. Base has not been used in this activity, but acids, glucose and alcohol has been used.

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note given on page 33 is wrong.

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basic solution do not conduct electricity bcoz they do not produce hydrogen ions in the water...

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Acids as well as bases both conduct electricity when they are mixed with water because breaks into cations and anions .

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because it may be that acids conduct electricity in huge amount while basis do not

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both acids and bases produce hydrogen and hydroxide ions respectively so both of them conduct electricity.

whereas the acids conduct more amount of electricity because they produce more hydrogen ions than the bases do.

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