action and reaction forces do not balance each other. why?

Newton's third Law says:

For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

Your question appears to be incomplete as it would be a violation of newton's third Law. Recheck your question and do get back to us.


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Because they act on two different bodies

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they do not balance each other because they act on different bodies for eg- if you are pushing a car then a force is acting on the car similarly the car is also pushing you or applying a force on you and the force is acting on here you and car are two different objects!!...............hope this will help you!

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Action and reaction forces act on different bodies, but mostly of different masses as well.

Eg: When I push a car, i exert action force on the car, but it has a greater mass than me so it doesn't move. The car in turn exerts a reaction force on me but since I exert a force on the ground to stand firm, the equal reaction exerted on me does not displace me. 

Hope I cud help!

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