TO find the area of a circle by paper cutting and pasting method. (in 2000-3000 words)

pz...... give the necessary details with diagram or by drawings.

Answer :

Aim : To find the area of a circle of given radius by paper folding,cutting and pasting.

Material Required

1 ) Coloured Paper
2 ) Pair of scissors
3 ) Fevistick/glue
4 ) Geometry Box

Method :  We can find that area of circle by following these steps :

Step 1 Cut a circle of given radius from the coloured paper.

Step 2 Divide the circle into 16 equal parts by paper folding.

Step 3 Cut 16 parts and arrange them to form a parallelogram.

Step 4 Take the last cutout and again divide it into 2 equal parts.
Step 5 Arrange the 2 parts and the shape in step 3 so that a rectangle is formed.

Step 6 Measure the length & breadth of the rectangle & calculate its area.

And the area of the rectangle is equal to the area of circle cutout at first .

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