actully wht z de nme of de hrse?

is it vazire or my heart ?


..............mouradkicked his heel s in2 thehtrse nd shouted vazire run ----pg 4

and in nother contest,

.....whtz de nme of ir hrse? my heart said mourad! --- pg 8

plz ny1 clr ma doubt!!

In armenian Vazire means to run. So, when Mourad kicked his heels into the horse he asked him to run as well and that he will obviously do with a language he knows as he can't talk 'horse'. Upon being asked by John Byron, Mourad says the name of the horse in Armenian- the author conviniently translates it for us to mean- My Heart. In armenian, My heart is said by using a word that sounds like 'seerts' and it looks like սիրտս. Hope your doubt was cleared. Thumbs up please!!

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vazire means run in that story mourad is just asking the horse to run by saying armenian language...
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But if vazire means run in Armenian he should have simply said vazire and not vazire run.
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So what is d meaning of vazire?
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