Adolescence- problems related to it and how we can cope with it?

Problems faced by adolescents 
  • They usually do not feel comfortable in the family or parties, because their thought and likes usually do not match  with the other people, neither with the children nor with the adults. 
  • Due to hormonal changes they get problems  such as pimples.
  • Adolescents usually start feeling insecure. Insecurity in adolescents arises sometimes because they are not able to cope up with the pressure to high performance. 
  • 3. Adolescents  start taking   drugs because of mental pressure. Once they are addicted to some drugs it would be very hard for them to leave it and they would not be able to lead a healthy life. 
Management of problems
  • Avoid peer pressure − Understand the unique personality and capabilities of a child
  • Education and counseling − A child must be taught to accept success and failure equally. Especially during adolescence, he must be inclined towards constructive activities such as music, yoga, sports, reading based on his interest.

  • Help from parents and peers − This includes proper guidance, advice, and trust to overcome problems such as stress and guilt.

  • Identifying danger signals − If any sign of symptom of alcohol / drug abuse is seen in the adolescent by family or friends, then it should not be ignored because prevention is better than cure.

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by eating healthy food dolesence problems will be solved

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leads to lazinesss,obesity,diabetes various health problems by addicicting to drugs not being clean and hygienic,.....

solutions:- eating balanced diet. always being neat and clean and hygienic. not being addicted to drugs, alcohol......

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