advantages and disadvantages of heating effect of electric current


helps to light bulb .

disadvantage -

excess amount of heat may cause fire in house

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There are many advantages and disadvantages of electricity like -


1)we use Electricity tolight bulbs fan A.C etc.


1)It can make spark which in presence of gas may start a fire.

2)We can beelectrocuted if some body has bad intents and may cause severe burns which may lead to death also.etc.

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The heating effect of electric current is used in several appliance
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advantage of heating effect of electric current:

It is used in many appliances

And disadvantages:

They decrease the life of instrument

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one more disadvantages is:

To much of heat is radiated out in the atmosphere which is great loss of energy

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advantages and disadvantages of heating effect of electric current essay
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A lot of heat is produced,which can be consequent(as a side effect which leads to wastage).Eg-microwave etc
Heat produced does intentional heat production.This principle is used to cause the filament of a bulb to glow (conversion of electric energy to heat and light energy)
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it can harm us because of it's heat like when we touch our press or room heater we can get burn
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Can u give some images on the topic  advantages and disadvantages of heating effect of electric current
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Advantages- It makes non-luminious objects luminious.

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Advantage : Many objects are made up of heating effect of current . For ex. Geyser bulb e.t.c.

Disadvantage: Unwanted Loss of energy .
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Plug key where it is used
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I can't understand 12.4 name the type of following angles
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Please find this answer

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Can you explain me again l did not understand
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a part of electric current to flow is called
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1. When electric current passes through a conductor, a part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. This causes wastage of energy.
2. The heat produced can start fire when it becomes excessive.

Heating appliances such as toaster, a bulb,an iron etc. Use The Heating Effect of Current.
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