advantages and disadvantages of lightning

Advantages of lightening:
1. It helps in nitrogen fixation i.e it converts atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) and nitric acid (HNO3). These compounds act as a natural fertilizer for plants.
2. The lightning help to clear the atmosphere of dust and other particulate pollutants by combining these particles and making them heavier to fall.

Disadvantages of lightening:
1. It causes damage to property like buildings, crops etc.
2. It causes damage to life by killing plants, animals and humans.


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ADVANTAGES OF LIGHTNING advantages is that it creates ozone and we need that to protect ourselves from ultra-violet radiation coming from the sun.
The other advantage is that is starts wild fires, and they are a good thing when they happen regularly before the brush gets too deep. When dead wood gets burned off, it keeps any new fires from getting too big. That is the they way nature works to balance the ecosystem. It is only when we humans put out all the fires that the dead wood, brush, and overgrowth gets so big that when a wild fire does get started by lightning or a careless person throwing a disgusting cigarette butt out that the fires get out of control. 
it can damages the property and kill people (specially in drought areas).
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