After reading the second letter from Lencho, what would have been the postmaster's reaction? Would he have helped further by providing the rest 30 pesos?

Dear student,

The postmaster may have been hurt that Lencho thought he had stolen thirty pesos of his! Instead of feeling grateful for the monetary help, Lencho blamed him for the money being less.But, he was a simple soul in thinking that God has answered his letter and sent him the money. In response to this second letter, I think the postmaster would reply as himself and tell Lencho the facts. He needed to know that the postmaster had sent him the money from his own pocket. Then, perhaps he would explain to him that his faith in God had worked wonders for him: God had made him the medium through which Lencho had received help.


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The postmaster read the letter. He decided to answer the letter and send money to Lencho. The postmaster tried to help lencho by collecting some amount of pesos for lencho.
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After reading the second letter from Lencho,the postmaster must be very upset. But he was very kind, therefore I think that he would have helped further by providing the rest 30 pesos.
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