After the British conquest of Bengal, Calcutta grew from a small village to a big city. Find out about the culture, architecture and the life of Europeans and Indians of the city during the colonial period.

why are you repeating the question
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after the british conquest of bengal

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The following points may help you: a. Rule of law implies that democracies function as per set norms and procedures and not according to whims and fancies of a ruler. b. The system of rule of law is a system of rules, regulations for a just and fair functioning of a society. c. Rule of law ensures that individual rights are guaranteed and protected. d. It prevent the arbitrary exercise of power and ensures same law is applicable to all irrespective of any differences. e. In India, during ancient time, several local laws existed, different communities were governed by different et of laws. f. Likewise, lower caste faced much harsher punishment than the upper caste. g. The British however were credited to introduce the system of rule of law and equality before law and brought about legal unity in the country. h. Though, in reality Indians received harsher punishment, there were separate courts for trying Indians and Europeans. i. Our political leadership throughout the freedom struggle fought for the values of equality, justice and freedom and hence after Independence incorporated these values in our constitution. j. The principle of rule of law thus ,laid the foundation of our democratic structure.
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