Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning the study of rules of mathematical operations and their relations. There are many applications of algebra which you would study in higher grades.

Algebra is used in engineering, finances and many scientific field. It is used to calculate costs, prices, profits or losses. Algebra is used in decision making in daily life. For e.g. When we drive a car and we need to calculate the approximate time needed to cover the journey, we use algebra to calculate the approximate time of journey.

Suppose you go to a book shop and buy 5 pencils for Rs 20. The cost of single pencil can be calculated using algebra.

Let the cost of each pencil be Rs x.

Cost of 5 pencils = Rs 5x

∴ 5x = 20

x = 4

Thus, the cost of each pencil is Rs 5.

Algebra is used in almost every aspect in our daily life.

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