all important idioms

  1. Andhe Ki Lathi - Ekmatr Sahara
  2. Akal Ka Andha - Bewakuf Hona
  3. Aankh Dekhna - Krodh Se Dekhna
  4. Jee Churana - Parishram Se Bhagna
  5. Nau Do Gyarah Hona - Bhaag Jana
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aankho ka tara- sbka pyara

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Buy a U like Sir
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What is he ?a fairly successful hand? at? Answer: He is a fairly successful hand at stealing.
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Tricki was sent to the hospital because Mrs Pumphrey was worried and distraught because Tricki would not eat anything. It even refused its favourite dishes. It had bouts of vomiting. It spent all its time lying
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