All the bonds in SF4 are not equivalent. Why ?

Of sulfur's total of six valence electrons, two form a lone pair. The structure of SF4 can therefore be anticipated using the principles of VSEPR theory: it is a see-saw shape, with S at the center. One of the three equatorial positions is occupied by a nonbonding lone pair of electrons. Consequently, the molecule has two distinct types of F ligands, two axial and two equatorial.

Axial Bonds suffer more repulsion than equatorial bonds as they are reppled by both bonding and non bonding electrons...hence the bonds are not equivalent.

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In SF4 (trigonal bipyramidal), there are three equal equitorial bonds (with one lone pair and two F atoms) and two axial bonds (with 2 F atoms)

the axial bonds are longer due to more inter atomic repulsions between the F atoms.

therefore all the bonds in SF4 are not equal (axial>eqitorial)

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