Aluminium occurs in combined state in nature whereas, gold occurs in free state. Why?

 Gold is very less reactive whereas aluminium is a very reactive element.Therefore aluminium reacts with other elements or compounds more than gold.Thus aluminium occurs in combined state while gold occurs in free state.

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Aluminium is a high reactive metal whereas gold is a low reactive metal. That is why aluminium occurs in combined state.

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Alluminium in combined state whereas gold does not because aluuminium is highly reactive metal whereas gold is the lowest in the reactivity series so as being very reactive it reacts with the air in the surrounding.

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Gold is one of the least reactive metals. Aluminium on the other hand is very reactive. Reactive metals combine with oxides, sulphides etc and are always found in the combined state. Refer: Reactivity series of metals

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Gold is a very low reactive meta it is almost placed at the bottom of the reactivity seriesl,whereas aluminium has a higher reactivity and can only occur in the combined state.

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