aman has a tractor.the sum of the radii of two wheels of tractor is 98cm.and the diffrence of their circumference is 176cm.find the diameter of wheels.

Suppose r1 and r2 be the radius of wheels of tractor.
Circumference of the wheel of radius r1 = 2πr1
And the circumference of the wheel of radius r2 = 2πr2
Now, according to the question, sum of radii of two wheels is 98 cm, so we have;
r1+r2 = 98....  (i)
And the difference of their circumference is 176 cm, so we have;
2πr1-2πr2 = 1762πr1-r2 = 1762×227r1-r2 = 176r1-r2 = 176×722×12r1-r2 =28 ........ (ii)
Solving (i) and (ii) we get;
r1+r2+r1-r2 = 98+282r1 = 126r1 = 1262 = 63
Therefore, the diameter of wheels are 28 × 2 i.e. 56 cm and 63 × 2 i.e.126 cm

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