An aeroplane leaves an Airport and flies due north at 300 km/h. At the same time, another
aeroplane leaves the same Airport and flies due west at 400 km/h.
i. Distance travelled by the first aeroplane in 1.5 hours

ii. Distance travelled by the second aeroplane in 1.5 hours

iii. Which of the following line segment shows the distance between both the aeroplane?

iv. Which aeroplane travelled a long distance and by how many km?
v. How far apart the two aeroplanes would be after 1.5 hours?

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The answers for questions 1,2 and 4 have been solved. For the remaining questions, kindly post them in a separate thread so that our experts can provide you with meaningful help.
1st Aeroplane moves with speed of 300 km/hrHence in 1.5 hours, distance covered = 300×1.5=450 km2nd Aeroplane moves with speed of 400 km/hrHence in 1.5 hours, distance covered = 400×1.5=600 kmAs is observed, 2nd aeroplane has travelled a longer distance.The difference = 600-450=150 km

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