An almirah is sold at Rs5225 after allowing a discount of 5%. Find its marked price. Please explain with unitary method and also with other method of calculating discount amount.

let MP be x


x - ( 5/100 * x) = 5225 .............. ( i did a shortcut method over here.the operation in the bracket is the discount and then the discount is subtracted from MP to get SP )

so, x - ( x / 20 ) = 5225

open bracket

x - x/20 = 5225

so , 19x / 20 = 5225

so x = 5225 * 20 / 19

so x = 5500

hope u got it !!!!!

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I'll tell it toyou in a simpler way.

The selling price of the almirah = Rs.5225


Marked price = x

Let's keep the marked price as Rs.100 and after the discount it is Rs.95.(5/100*100)

If the marked price was Rs.100 then the selling was Rs.95.(Rs.100-5)

So, 95/100*x=5225


Therefor the marked price of the almirah is Rs.5500.Hope you understand this well.

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Thank you so much Chaitrali for the quick reply. I got it

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Thank you dear Kavya Priya for your quick reply. This method is called unitary method and I prefer this method of calculation

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