An angiosperm plant having red coloured flowers when crossed with the other having the same colour produced 40 progenies, out of which 30 plants were with red coloured flowers 10 plants were with white coloured flowers. Find out:
(a) What is the possible genotype of parent plants?
(b) Which trait is dominant and recessive?
(c) What is this cross called as and what is its phenotypic ratio?

a) The possible genotype of parent plants are 'Rr' and 'Rr' , 'R' refers red colour trait and 'r' refers white colour trait. b) Trait 'R' is the dominant trait whereas trait 'r' is the recessive trait. c) This cross is called monohybrid cross. The phenotype ratio is - 3:1
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a)Both the parent plants are heterozygous with a dominant allele for the red color. The dominant allele is the one for the red colored flowers( can be represented by R) and the recessive one is of the white colored flowers (can be represented by a small w) so genotype is RW. b) The Red colored trait is dominant and the white colored trait is recessive. c)cross is called monohybrid. the color red and without R will be white. Hence 75% will be red in color while 25% white in color. so,75:25=3:1
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