an aqueous solution of sodium chloride is neutral but an aqueous solution of sodium carbonate is basic . Give reason . Explain this statement with the help of the chemical equation of the reaction .

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NaCl is a neutralization product of a strong acid(HCl) and strong base (NaOH) and it is pure ionic compound so it acts as neutral solution in aqueous medium. So, when sodium chloride is dissolved in water, its ions dissociate, meaning that they separate. As a sodium ion is positive and a chloride ion is negative, the the aqueous solution is neutral. No hydronium ions or hydroxide ions are formed. 
While, Na2CO3 , is not a base rather it acts as basic solution when dissolved in water because, it releases NaOH (a strong base) and  H2CO3 (a weak acid) so resultant solution is basic in nature.

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