• an arrow moves forward when released from a stretched bow.explain the transformation of energy in the process.
  • forelimbs of birds are modified.give reasons.

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a. potential to kinetic energy.

b. forelimbs limbs of birds are modified for flight. 

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  • When the bow is streched, potential energy is filled into the bow. When the arrow is allowed to go, all this energy converts into kinetic energy.
  • Birds have developed the ability of flying. So their forelimbs are in the form of wings.
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thanks for wishing but dont you think we have to explain both of them//

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1.potential energy to kinetic energy

2.because the main mode of locomotion used by most of the bird species is flight


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thanks amisha everytime i ask a question u answer..thanks for answering and do u think that first part should be explained.

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 thanks nabhanyu your explaination helped me a lot//

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its not necessary bt if u want u can explain ,otherwise its not compulsary

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