An electrical company earns a profit of ` 80 on every colour T.V and a loss of ` 60 on every refrigerator. (a) The company sells 5000 pieces of colour T.V and 4000 pieces of refrigerator in a month. What is its profit or loss? (b) Find the number of T.V it must sell to have neither profit nor loss, if the     number of sold refrigerator is 100?

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Profit on one colour TV=Rs 80So, profit on 5000 pieces of colour TV=Rs 80×5000=Rs400000Loss on one refrigerator=Rs 60So, Loss on  4000 pieces of refrigerator=Rs 60×4000=Rs 240000So, Profit-Loss=Rs400000-Rs 240000=Rs 160000Since  amount is positiveSo we have profit of Rs 160000Now company sells  100 refrigratorsSo loss of comapny=Rs 60×100=Rs 6000Now in order to have neither profit nor loss it must  sell  such amount of TV  whose sum  of profit =Rs 6000profit on one tv=Rs 80No of TV sets=600080=Rs 75So, co must sell 75 TV sets  so that  there is no profit no loss

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