an organic compound 'X' on heating with conc. H2SO4 fors a compound 'Y' which on addition of nickel forms a compound 'Z'.One molecule of compound One molecule of compound 'Z'on combustion forms two molecules of CO2 and three molecules of H2O.identify giving reasons the compound X ,Y, and Z. write a chemical for all the reactions involved.

We are given that the compound Y on addition of one mole of H2 in the presence of Ni forms another compound. This suggests that the compound Y is unsaturated. Since the compound Y is formed by dehydration of compound X by using H2SO4, it means that compound X is an alcohol. Compound Z will be alkane (alkenes on hydrogenation give alkanes). As compound Z gives two molecules of CO2 and three molecules of H2O, it means that it is an alkane containing two carbon atoms. Thus 

Compound X = CH3CH2OH

Compound Y = CH2=CH2

Compound Z = CH3-CH3

Following are the chemical equations for the reactions 




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