Animals of colder regions and fishes of cold water have thick layer of subcutaneous fat.Explain why?

because the fat helps them keep warm, like the fat they have is kinda like a coat for them.
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Fat is an insulator. So, it prevents warmth from escaping the body and ,thus, helps in cold weather/surrounding.

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As we know that fat molecules are insulators or technically we can say that they are bad conductors.

The animals living in cold regions have various layers of fats so that their body can maintain the temperature of their body & also this fats doesnt allow the internal heat to get escape from their body

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because due to the cold climate the environment becomes inhospitable and in order to be protected from such climate they have a thick layer of fat which insulates them
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it helps in keeping u warm
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The climate is cold in north and south poles . So these animals have a thick day coating on their body so their body temperature will be maintained. The day will not allow the internal heat to escape.
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So that the fat doesn't allow the heat to get escape from the body
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it helps in keeping them warm as fat is an insulato r it prevents heat from body to escape
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  1. Animals of colder regions do have a storage of thiker layer of subcutaneous fat beacause of many reasons 3 of those which is sciencitificly proven are given below 
1 the fat will not easly allow heat from the body to transpher tho keeping the animal hot
2 if you compare with the nutrients fat gives the most amount energy beacause of this reason the host will be energitic
3 when the food is rare this fat keeps the creature alive sustaining it to like with out food for a period of time

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fat helps them keep their body warm and insulated
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