Ans pls its urgent question b

Ans pls its urgent question b pale, thin face of the beggar ...(7) ...flight) up. Tears ...(8)... (sh d, "But you called me brother- thatis a great gift." (b)Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. (i)lt is one of the best books I have come (ii)He made some story to explain his absence. (iii)The river is flowing the bridge. (iv)There's usually an advantage (v) What does F.I.R stand playing at home. (vi)We are doubtful fill (viii) / now call his ability to finish the project. the details in the form. the Chief Guest to speak. (c)Combine each set of the following sentences without using and, but the test.

Dear Student,
  1. Across
  2. Up
  3. Under
  4. Of
  5. For
  6. About
  7. In
  8. Upon

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