Answer all these questions please!

Answer all these questions please! 111 I. 2. 1. 2. 3. Why would mother earth not flee according to the speaker? How do the life forces - sunlight and the cool breeze - enforce nature's idea of equality? Why does the speaker want to be a Wee? The poem is a satire on social discrimination. Discuss. The speaker brings out the concepts of defilement and purification. How is the meaninglessness of the practice brought out?

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Ans 2.The poet is trying to tell us that nature does not differentiate between upper and lower caste, it does not reserve its resources only for the upper castes. Forces like the rain, the wind, water serve all human beings in the same way. It is in the name of caste and creed that man differentiates and oppresses those who come from the lower castes.

Ans 1.The poet feels that if he was a tree he would not have to face discrimination at the hands of people. The poet says if he was tree then the bird wouldn’t ask for his cast before it built its nest on him, his shadow wouldn’t feel defiled (polluted) if the sunlight embraced him. He further thinks that his friendship with the breeze and leaves would be sweet and congenial (friendly, pleasing) .

Ans 2.The poem if I was a tree by Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy is a satire on social discrimination as it portrays how even a tree is treated better than a human being who belongs to the lower castes. Literally Dalit means oppressed or crushed. In earlier times, these people were made to live outside the villages and cities and their touch or even shadow was considered polluting. These groups were not entitled to education or any position of status and authority. However the sad reality is that it is still in practice in a lot of place around the country. 
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Discuss the concept of nature according to John keats
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